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What do the Miami Dolphins bring to the table? Week 15 Scouting Report

A look at how the Miami Dolphins match up against the New Orleans Saints

Carolina Panthers v Miami Dolphins Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images

The New Orleans Saints have another primetime matchup coming up against the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins are in the midst of playing their best football, while the Saints are as banged up as ever. This will be a tough one for New Orleans, so let’s take a look at what the Dolphins bring to the table that the Saints need to be wary of.

Miami’s Offense Key Stats

*Ranks are out of 32 (all stats courtesy of ESPN and NFL)

Yards Per Game: 23rd

Passing Offense: 16th

Rushing Offense: 28th

Points Per Game: 21st

Offensive Efficiency: 23rd

Tua Tagovailoa has an iffy reputation, but the truth is that he’s been pretty reliable this season. Nothing too flashy on paper, but Tua has a completion percentage of just under 70%. I believe that he’s going to be a very good quarterback in the NFL, but I don’t believe he will match up well with the Saints defense. While he may not beat the Saints defense, he won’t be the main reason the Dolphins lose either.

Myles Gaskin leads the Dolphins in rushing by nearly 400 yards, and he still ranks 28th total in the NFL. The offensive line’s run protection hasn’t been stellar this season, and they certainly don’t have outstanding talent in the backfield to make up for it. For a Saints defense that is known for stellar defense, I also don’t expect this to be much of an issue.

Of course, because it’s the luck of the Saints, Jaylen Waddle makes his return to the lineup in this game. He’s had a stellar rookie season and will be relied on heavily by Tua. Of course, this is a high-profile matchup so we can hope that Marshon Lattimore will bring high intensity for the rook. Mike Gesicki is a talented tight end but has had a season of ups and downs. No telling what he will bring to the table on a week-to-week basis.

Miami’s Defense Key Stats

*Ranks are out of 32 (all stats courtesy of ESPN and NFL)

Total Defense: 18th

Passing Defense: 11th

Rushing Defense: 26th

Points Per Game: 16th

Defensive Efficiency Grade: 7th

The defense is what has made the Dolphins so scary the past six weeks during their win streak. They’re playing out of their mind right now, which does not bode well for a Saints team that is struggling to find their identity; an offense that didn’t score a touchdown in their last game.

Jaelan Phillips was kind of obvious to be a star, right? The rookie has gotten the production that Saints fans have been searching for from their young players since 2017. The EDGE rusher has gotten eight and a half sacks so far and is really impressing. The crazy part is that he may not have even had the best season for a Dolphins rookie defender. Jevon Holland has been playing at a near Pro Bowl/All-Pro level this year at the safety position. Both of these rookies need to be circled and taken note of by Saints fans and of course Saints players ahead of Monday night.

The way to score on this Dolphins team, is to set up and attack with the run game. Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara should be talented enough to get something set up. The linebackers are without a doubt the weakness of Miami and should be a group to watch as the Saints implement their gameplan.

Bottom Line on Miami Dolphins

Strengths: Pass rush, pass coverage. Jaylen Waddle.

Weakness: Offense as a whole. Linebackers.

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