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Saints fans confidence nears all-time low during losing streak

Can they finally get in the win column against the Cowboys?

NFL: Buffalo Bills at New Orleans Saints Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Despite an embarrassing 31-6 Thanksgiving loss at home to the Buffalo Bills, New Orleans Saints fans’ confidence has actually gone up by a very small margin, but still remains low overall.

It seems like expectations were already pretty low going into the game, but even for the shaken up Saints roster, this loss was back-breaking. Usually, the Trevor Siemian-led Saints offenses at least show some life in garbage time to make it look like a respectable loss. But not this time.

The NOLA defense held its own for as long as it could, forcing two first-half turnovers and holding the Bills to only 10 points in that half. But even the talented Saints D couldn’t overcome a mere 190 yard on 3.3 yards per play output from Sean Payton’s offense.

So, it’s interesting to see that the fan confidence didn’t go even lower.

Perhaps, the thing that is giving Saints fans some hope is the recent news that Alvin Kamara could play in Thursday’s game, or that Taysom Hill is now starting at QB.

The Saints will also get Mark Ingram back, who has been one of the few bright spots on offense since he was acquired from the Houston Texans.

If all three do play, it could spark the run game against a weak Dallas Cowboy run defense that ranks bottom 10 in the league in yards per rush allowed.

This is basically a must-win for the Saints if they have any hopes of getting into the playoffs still. Hopefully, they can put up a valiant effort against a very talented team.

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