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2 biggest takeaways from Saints loss to the Cowboys

Anyone started their draft boards yet?

Dallas Cowboys v New Orleans Saints Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Being the first to do something isn’t always the most ideal thing. Yes, you may get the recognition of being the first one, but all publicity isn’t good publicity. These New Orleans Saints definitely didn’t get that in their 27-17 loss on Thursday Night. This marks the first time that a Sean Payton team in New Orleans had lost 5 straight games in the same regular season. What’s worse is there seems to be no way hope to stop the bleeding. Here are a couple of my biggest takeaways from the game.

Throw the Book at ‘em

With a reeling offense, a laughable amount of injuries, and a faint playoff hope it seems about time to see what the rookie quarterback has up his sleeve. You have already started three different quarterbacks this season either due to injury or poor play so trying out another can’t hurt at this point. While you know the Good, Bad, and Ugly you get from Siemian and Hill, you really don’t know what Ian Book can bring to the table. Seems like a perfect time to find out. Hill to his credit battled hard against the Cowboys despite the injury to his throwing hand he sustained in the first half. Injury withstanding, the same question marks about his pocket presence and decision-making reared it’s ugly head to the tune of 4 interceptions. While all of them were not his fault, his quarterback play didn’t dispel any of the doubts people had about him before the game. To make matters worse, the fear is his injury to his finger may require surgery and he may have to miss some time, although reports are he intends to play through the pain. At any rate it’s time to see what the rookie’s got.

New Orleans Saints v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Perfection is so hard to find

When you are missing a slew of key offensive weapons and week in and week out you are outmanned and outgunned, the worse thing to do is beat yourself. The Saints can’t seem to get out of their own way at times and it’s frustrating when so many opportunities are missed that could potentially change the outcome of games. Whether it’s the holding call on Paulson Adebo on 3rd and 10 that gave Dallas a first down and led to a field goal before half. Or what about the underthrow to a wide open Tre’Quan Smith who was separated on a crossing route that probably would have been a touchdown if the ball was placed correctly. Let’s not even mention the 3rd and 2 call to start the 4th quarter that resulted in a sack and a punt from the Saints. Taysom Hill had just rushed for 75 yards in the 3rd quarter alone and inside the Dallas 30 yard line Payton dials up a play action roll out play in which Dallas’ best rusher Micah Parsons comes on a free release. The end result of course was another missed opportunity for points. These games highlight the need for the Saints to have to play as close to perfect as possible to give themselves a chance. Far too often their wounds have been self-inflicted and the end result has had the team come up short just about every time.

Those were a couple takeaways I found from another disappointing loss. What are some things that you saw? Sound off in the comment section below and let us know. The Saints are back in action this Sunday when they take on the New York Jets.

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