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Significant portion of Saints fans enjoy fantasy football more than Saints games

To be fair, with how things have ended, it’s hard to blame them

NFL: DEC 25 Vikings at Saints Photo by Stephen Lew/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

New Orleans Saints fans have dealt with four consecutive seasons of heartbreak at this point. From this Minneapolis Miracle, to the no-call, to the overtime touchdown, to Tom Brady coming to the NFC and heading straight to the Super Bowl, fans have remained devout. However, it appears they’re also getting tired, and looking for football entertainment elsewhere.

According to a study, a remarkably high portion of Saints fans now enjoy fantasy football more than Saints games themselves. 48 percent of them, to be precise. Some of the numbers are less surprising, like 87 percent of football fans finding that fantasy makes football more enjoyable to watch.

In addition to that 48 percent, 65 percent of Saints fans said that fantasy football is more engaging than Saints games. Given the amount of close games that the Saints tend to play in, that number may be even more surprising.

Moving forward, it will be interesting to see how the personnel changes in the Saints influences these numbers. Would fans be less engaged without Drew Brees at the helm? More? What if Drew Brees stays?

The Saints are competitive year in and year out, so that isn’t an issue. But with so many seasons ending in heartbreak, perhaps fans are just bracing themselves for the worse and putting on Red Zone to cope.

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