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New Orleans Saints to receive three compensatory draft picks

The New Orleans Saints will now receive three additional draft picks due to compensatory picks

NFL: DEC 13 Saints at Eagles Photo by Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The New Orleans Saints have finally been awarded compensatory draft picks for use in the upcoming 2021 NFL Draft. Prior to the additional picks, the Saints only held three draft picks with the 28th, 60th and 133rd pick in the draft. Due to losing quarterback Teddy Bridgewater to the Carolina Panthers, and Assistant GM Terry Fontenot to the Atlanta Falcons, New Orleans was able to cash in. Additionally, due to the new minority hiring incentives laid forth by the NFL, the Saints will actually receive another third-round pick in next year’s draft that is yet to be determined for Fontenot’s departure.

As for this season, New Orleans has received the 98th pick for the loss of Bridgewater, which is in the third-round, and the 106th pick, also in the third-round, due to the loss of Fontenot. The Saints were able to reel in another sixth-round pick due to the loss of A.J. Klein to the Buffalo Bills. That pick will be the 218th pick.

This is great news for the Saints as they were already lacking picks due to trades and breaches in COVID protocols. Now, New Orleans will have a total of six picks, and after the cuts to the roster that have already occurred and are bound to continue, the Saints will need all the reinforcements they can get, affordably. These comp picks go a long way in helping achieve that goal.

Here are where the Saints stand going into the draft:

First-round: Pick 28

Second-round: Pick 60

Third-round: Pick 98

Third-round: Pick 106

Fourth-round: Pick 133

Sixth-round: Pick 218

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