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“Thank You Drew” tribute shirt now available for purchase

We’ll miss you, #9.

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Now that Drew Brees has announced his retirement from the NFL, fans of the New Orleans Saints have had time to digest the news. First we dealt with denial. Then we moved to anger. And now the depression hits.

But as we continue to move through the stages of grief, you can take a second to appreciate the Hall of Fame career by purchasing this new t-shirt from Smack Apparel:

The shirts are available for purchase both on Smack Apparel’s website and on Amazon.

I think our own Maddy Hudak said it best:

On paper, there’s no room for debate over the success of Brees’ football career. All of the statistical achievements pale in comparison to what he’s done for the city of New Orleans, and the Saints franchise.

Brees chose New Orleans as his home to heal and rebuild; in turn, he saved an entire city. He ushered in an era of transformative success that reshaped a franchise that previously donned paper bags on game day. His legacy transcends the game of football.

Through this lens, Drew Brees might just be the Most Valuable Player in NFL history.

Thank-you, Drew.

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