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New “LE9END” t-shirt now available from Drew Brees

BreakingT has done it again!

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We’ve talked about many shirts on this here platform before, but never before have we covered a unique design that is officially licensed by the NFLPA.

But that’s exactly what we have here from BreakingT.

That’s right, your home for real-time sports t-shirts is now officially licensed by the NFL Players Association, and BreakingT has brought this gem on behalf of former (that still hurts me to say) New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees:

The shirt is available for purchase here.

The NFL’s most prolific passer, Drew Brees was a “LE9END” both on and off the field, and his presence will be felt by the New Orleans Saints long after the 2021 season. The Saints legend will be eligible for Canton in 2026.

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