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Getting to know one of the newest Saints, Alex Armah

Here’s what you need to know about the former Panther

Carolina Panthers v New Orleans Saints Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

The New Orleans Saints have added a whopping three new players in free agency this offseason: a rotational defensive end, a blocking tight end, and a full back. In order to get to know one of the Saints’ newest additions, it’s best to turn to the fans who followed those players last season. For the Saints’ new fullback, former Carolina Panther Alex Armah, we’re fortunate to have Bradley Smith from Cat Scratch Reader answer five questions about Sean Payton’s newest toy.

First thoughts: If I asked you to tell Saints fans generally what they can expect from Alex Armah in 2021, what would you say?

My advice would be to keep your expectations low. He wasn’t used very often outside of special teams for the Panthers from 2017-2020, so that’s what you should probably expect for him in New Orleans. He may get a few carries here and there, but he probably won’t see much action other than that.

Armah signed a one-year, $1.1 million dollar deal with the Saints this offseason. Do you think this is a fair deal? A bargain? An overpay?

I think it’s a fair deal even if he only plays special teams. He was pretty decent as a special teams player for the Panthers during his time here, so even if he only gives you a handful of carries/yards it’s worth a contract near the league minimum to have a solid vet on special teams.

Any insight on Alex Armah the person and not just the player? How does he fit in in the locker room?

By all accounts, Armah is a solid dude off the field. There was a story that came out a few years ago where he stopped a thief from breaking into a car by using a wrestling move, which is pretty cool.

How should the Saints best hope to utilize his strengths and avoid his weaknesses in 2021?

The Panthers liked to use him on the goal line for the fullback dive play back when Norv Turner was our offensive coordinator (2 of his 3 touchdowns came in 2018 when Norv was our offensive coordinator), so the Saints could probably use him as a goal line option to catch the defense off guard.

Predict his 2021 stat line to the best of your comfort level.

It’s hard to predict what he will do in 2021 because the Panthers didn’t really use him that much outside of special teams. From 2017-2020, he appeared in 57 games with 4 starts and had 21 carries for 35 yards, 3 touchdowns and 9 first downs. He has 8 career receptions for 29 yards and 1 first down. Taking his average production (I’m removing 2017 because he had zero stats) you should expect somewhere around 7 carries for 12 yards, 1 touchdown and 3 first downs. I don’t know how often the Saints use a fullback though, so you could get more out of him than the Panthers did.

What do you think, Saints fans? Sean Payton obviously is one of the few old school coaches that likes to utilize a fullback in today’s NFL. Do you think we could see an improvement over what the Saints had last season in Michael Burton? Let us know in the comments. Send me presents.

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