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Jameis Winston putting in the work this offseason

“I’m outworking everyone at my position.”

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New Orleans Saints v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

Everyone loves to hear a good speech. You know those motivating Captain America speeches that just make you want to go out and save the universe. While football may not be a universe saving endeavor, New Orleans Saints quarterback Jameis Winston gave a motivating speech at a recent youth football camp that is sure to get Saints fans excited.

The self motivation for Jameis is apparent. He went from being a national champion in college thrusting him to becoming a number 1 pick, to being cast away in a sense after Tampa Bay decided not to re-sign him and pursue Tom Brady in free agency. Winston then went on to sign a minimum 1 year deal with the Saints in 2020 to sit and watch behind Drew Brees for a season. Brees goes down with injury and instead of the Saints turning to Jameis to start, they give the reigns to Taysom Hill until Brees returned.

After the season Jameis opted to return to New Orleans on another 1 year deal in which he is expected to compete for the starting quarterback position against a guy who has thrown a combined four touchdown passes in his NFL career. By comparison, Winston has six games in which he has thrown four touchdowns. Winston has decided to let the detractors and haters become his motivators.

The raw talents and abilities have never been in question for Winston. Neither has the work ethic. His biggest knock has been his on-field decision making. To his credit, Jameis was not surrounded by any stability in Tampa, going through head coaches and coordinators seemingly every year. That won’t be an issue in New Orleans as the Saints are a rock steady franchise. Jameis knows he will have every opportunity to succeed. His is putting the work in now to show the world later.

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