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The New Orleans Saints should host a game in prime-time for Halloween


NFL: DEC 22 Saints at Titans
Saints fans know how to bring the costume energy each and every game

The NFL schedule release is slated for Wednesday May 12, 2021 for the upcoming season. The NFL Network is having a schedule release show beginning at 8pm eastern detailing all the top match-ups and prime-time games. Each team looks forward to these games, bye weeks, and nationally televised games. For the New Orleans Saints, the eight home opponents has been known for some time. Looking at the calendar reveals a particularly interesting Sunday though. Halloween takes place on Sunday in 2021. Saints fans are some of the most decorated and flamboyant in all of the NFL. Pairing the Sunday night prime-time game with the New Orleans Saints seems like a no-brainer for the NFL.

The NFL needs the Saints in prime-time

The last time the NFL scheduled a national game in New Orleans, the crowd set the world record for a Halloween gathering. In 2010, 17,777 fans dressed in Halloween costumes, setting the record in the Guinness Book of World Records. The Super Dome can hold over 74,000 fans and anyone who has ever seen the crowd knows how creative and colorful the New Orleans crowd can be. This begs the question, why does the NFL not have a Halloween-type game yearly in New Orleans?

Yes, the logistics of a moving holiday would have to be examined each year, but having a yearly costumed-game in New Orleans would likely be an event to see nationally. The Saints can be to Halloween like the Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions are to Thanksgiving. The NFL has another opportunity in 2021 to use the Saints affinity for costumes to its nationally televised benefit.


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The Saints boast one of the most diverse and inventive costumed-fanbases yearly. The normal costumes of Saints stalwarts like a black-and-gold Master Chief and Darth Maul alongside the Halloween costumes would be much-see television. Anyone who has seen a Saints game are sure to remember the fake Sean Payton, fake Drew Brees, the Popes, Whistlehead, and many more. The aura surrounding New Orleans contributes to the Saints case for hosting a prime-time game for Halloween. The voodoo, the above-ground cemeteries, the vampyre-inspired areas, and the countless haunts inspires very entertaining costumes. Embracing the strangeness and unique aspects of New Orleans would be in the NFL’s best interest.

NFL: Houston Texans at New Orleans Saints
Saints fans are always among the best in the NFL
Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Saints make the case for hosting a prime-time game on Halloween with every home game. Recognizable costumes like the black-and-gold Elvis, Joker, Bounty Hunter, and more make for great fan-shots on camera. The voodoo, skulls, vampyre, and hauntings around the Louisiana area litter the entire city of New Orleans. Bringing this energy to a nationally televised audience is sure to bring eyes and interest to the NFL’s Halloween prime-time game if they choose to make it part of the year’s Saints schedule.

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