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Saints games which should be considered for prime-time in 2021

Great opponents in 2021 raise the chances of nationally televised games

NFL: Cleveland Browns at New Orleans Saints
The Saints and Sean Payton are prime-time ready
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The New Orleans Saints schedule will release with the rest of the NFL on Wednesday, May 12. Opponents have been set for some time but the order and times are a lot to get excited about for the upcoming season. NFL organizations and fans want to see their teams play on the national scale as well. This showcases the potential of a team and can bring about franchise hype. The NFL, of course, favors having larger audiences and big cities for these national games. The Saints draw several of these large market teams in 2021 which will help the chances of having several prime-time games. Here are the potential prime-time matchups for the Saints in 2021.

Home Games in prime-time

There are a couple likely home games that can likely be put into prime-time. Games against the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants seem they could make for interesting national games. It seems that these large market teams in the NFC East do get many of these national games. Facing the Saints and whoever wins their starting quarterback job would be of interest to many across the nation. Jameis Winston or Taysom Hill, whoever holds the starting job, will be of interest since they are replacing the great Drew Brees. Seeing either quarterback against Daniel Jones and Dak Prescott would excite national audiences.

A couple more interesting home games is against the Buffalo Bills and Green Bay Packers. The Bills are one of the top teams in the AFC with an exuberant fanbase that can rival the Saints. Storylines between the Packers and Saints have been ongoing this off-season already. The unhappiness of Aaron Rodgers and his potential landing spots have been written about constantly since the NFL draft. The Saints have been on every list of Rodger’s potential destination if he is traded. If Rodgers is dealt to the Saints, Green Bay and New Orleans matchup would be must-see television.


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Away Games in prime-time

The NFC South plays every team in the NFC East this year. Like the Cowboys and Giant, the other two teams are big markets and always in the running for national games. The Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Football Team bring two more opponents with potential prime-time matchups. New full-time quarterbacks with both of these opponents, as well as with the Saints, likely draws interest from even the casual fans. The Saints would also like to avenge a late-season loss to the Eagles from the 2020 season.

Other away games with potential national interest would be against the New England Patriots, Seattle Seahawks, and New York Jets. The Patriots and Seahawks are perennial contenders in the NFL. These being potential national games does not take much analyzing. These three organizations have been great the past 10 years and playing one another on a national scale would not shock anyone. The Jets could also be an interesting pick, especially early in the season. With their new coach and quarterback, the Jets will bring some national attention. Zach Wilson’s potential at being a star in New York will be on full display at the beginning of the year. A matchup against the Saints would be a great measuring stick for the newly rebuilt Jets.

Saints in prime-time

It is no secret that Sean Payton loves to play in prime-time. The New Orleans Saints 2021 schedule can lend itself to having several of these types of games. Divisional matchups have not even be factored in yet. Seeing as how Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are in the Saints division, a nationally televised game between the two NFC juggernauts is also likely. The Atlanta Falcons and the Carolina Panthers would also make interesting national opponents. Carolina has rebuilt their team this off-season while the Falcons added offensive weapon Kyle Pitts in the 2021 NFL Draft. With all of these interesting opponents, the Saints 2021 schedule is looking to be a fun season. When the NFL schedule drops, the Saints chances of having multiple nationally televised games are high.

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