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New Orleans Saints DE Cameron Jordan’s desire for more not limited to the gridiron

A leader on the field, a leader in the community. Cam Jordan’s focus on “more” extends past the final whistle.

Wild Card Round - Minnesota Vikings v New Orleans Saints Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Over the recent year’s New Orleans Saints fans have heard defensive end Cameron Jordan consistent speak on getting “1% better every day.” Often times, this is in reference to the football field. Even after a four-sack Week 13 game in 2019, he wanted more.

In that game against the rival Atlanta Falcons wanted five sacks instead of four. In that same season, he had 15.5 sacks all told. His teammates thought 20 was attainable. He’s already spent a decade with the team that drafted him in 2011. He wants to be a “lifer”. But what’s clear about the six-time Pro Bowler is that he doesn’t have any interest on limiting his impact to a 120-yard stretch of grass or turf.

He told Saints media members on Wednesday that he wants to force more fumbles and create turnovers. But that’s between the whistles. After the whistle, Cam Jordan always looks for more.

Jordan has continuously found ways to extend his impact to the community at large. Play60, school and community visits, raising money for United Way’s Hurricane Laura relief fund, his previous “Deambuilders’ Foundation” which provided materials to underserved children with otherwise limited access. All examples of how Jordan continues to strive for more.

During the ongoing pandemic, he remained active with other organizations like “God Iz Love” and UnitedHealthCare to help make a difference for first responders and families during an extremely challenging time.

Former Saints Director of Community Affairs Elicia Broussard-Sheridan once said of Jordan, “Everything that he does, wholeheartedly, is to make an impact in the community that we all love.”

This offseason he took another step, further deepening his impact. Jordan worked alongside Crescent City Corps financing 80 hours worth of anti-racist training for New Orleans police officers.

During the Saints’ minicamp media availability, he spoke on the personal impact of this specific partnership.

“After looking at some of the regiments of their first cohort, I got excited about it. In talking with them, I got more excited about the impact it could make. So, being able to be a part of their second cohort... I mean, attending some of these classes with some of these officers it gives a feel that, at least in New Orleans, that we want to aim towards making a better impact towards the community and the police force.”

Then, the question had to be asked. Is there a plan more of this work on the way? And of course there is.

“There’s always a plan.” Jordan said with a smile. “I mean, if anything, if I’ve been here for ten years and you haven’t learned anything about me: I’m always looking to see what more I can do. I feel like this community is my second home, they brought me in. Hell, this is my kids’ first home. They were all born here.”

There it was again. Consistent as his terrorizing of Matt Ryan, the desire for more.

For Jordan, it’s just another step, another rung on the ladder. But it’s clear he understands the impact and feels it himself. He’d continue to illustrate the motivating factor of making sure his children were put in a better position than his childhood experience, a sentiment with which any parent would resonate.

He also doesn’t miss a single opportunity to acknowledge the contributions of his teammates, listing names of those he considers part of the leadership group for the club.

He also took time to highlight his roots across New Orleans and its surrounding neighborhoods. From church in New Orleans East to CBD, Metairie to the “Bestbank”, Jordan’s familiarity with the region and focus on affecting every corner and community is akin to that of someone who was born and raised in them. Yet another example of more for the 2017 All-Pro edge defender.

His charge, his motivation, his dedication to the city perhaps summed up in his closing statement on the matter.

“I’m always trying to affect us in a positive manner.”

He leaned forward with the emphasis on “us”. As to solidify his role not just as a leader on Poydras, but also throughout the entire community as an impact player in the lives of many.

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