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[WATCH] Jameis Workout Challenge

Introducing the #JameisWorkoutChallenge

Well, it’s the dog days of the off-season. You know what that means. Workout videos galore. How exciting is it to watch the players we yell and jeer at in October put out workout videos in June showing how intense, focus, and dedicated they are. It’s enough for every fan to get excited and proclaim a breakout year for said player!

And then there’s our quarterback. Oh, Jameis Winston, how we adore thee. Jameis is making a habit of putting out the most unintentional funniest workout videos of all time. And hey, we’re not knocking it, whatever works for him. It’s got him this far, right?

Yes, we used to laugh at Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans as they hyped up Jameis and swore the upcoming season would be the year he breaks through. Now us New Orleans Saints fans are on that roller coaster. But it’s different this time, because this time he has Sean Payton!

Whatever your opinion of Jameis’ workouts are, one thing is for sure, they are good for a laugh. And while we seriously are rooting for Jameis and hoping he is our quarterback of the present and future (no offense Taysom), we wouldn’t be New Orleans Saints fans if we didn’t have a little fun with it.

So, we present to you guys: the #JameisWorkoutChallenge. You do not need high priced gym memberships, top of the line trainers, or premium equipment. No, all you need is a football, some household items, and whatever the heck else it is you can grab. I don’t know what your idea of Jameis Winston is, most likely it’s a guy who will have a second team career revival under Sean Payton ala Drew Brees and lead us to the Super Bowl. But my idea of Jameis is different. Jameis lets me believe that I too can work out like an NFL player. That I don’t need to be the most physically gifted or have a vast amount of resources to reach my peak performance. All I need is belief, ambition, and some boxing gear.

Ladies and gentleman, enjoy “This is How Jameis Winston Be”. And hopefully it inspires you to get off your butt and participate in the #JameisWorkoutChallenge.

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