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Julio Jones is out of the NFC South following trade to the Tennessee Titans

Falcons trade Julio Jones to the Titans

Atlanta Falcons v New Orleans Saints Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

The Atlanta Falcons have traded Julio Jones and a 2023 6th round pick in exchange for a 2022 2nd round pick and a 4th in 2023. Julio Jones, the best receiver in Atlanta Falcons history, has found his way out of Georgia. The Falcons have now lost a Superbowl despite a 28-3 lead, have crippling cap issues with an aging quarterback, and now arguably the best Falcon ever has been traded.

Atlanta Falcons v New Orleans Saints Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Jones leaving the NFC South is a good thing for the New Orleans Saints. They now won't have to play him twice a year, even though the Saints will still play the Titans next season. Moving an NFL legend from inside the division to another conference is always a big win for the other rival teams.

Historically, the Saints have Jones’s number since joining the league. He’s had only three receiving touchdowns against the Saints in 18 career games but four fumbles. Julio has gone for over 100 yards 6 times against the Saints, while Michael Thomas also has 6 career 100+ yard games against the Falcons but in only 10 career meetings.

Since the Saints drafted Marshon Lattimore, he has shut down Julio Jones. Jones hasn't scored a touchdown since the 2016 season against the Saints. Now Lockdown Lattimore can focus In on Calvin Ridley who has had a ton of success vs the Saints.

Today, the NFC South can rejoice and celebrate together. For Ex-Saints executive Terry Fontenot, he earned respect from a lot of people and Julio Jones. He was able to deal Julio and his $15+ million dollar salary and receive fair compensation. The Falcons offense will move forward with Matt Ryan, Calvin Ridley, Kyle Pitts, and company.

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