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[WATCH] Saints fans reaction to Julio Jones trade

Sunday was a big day for the New Orleans Saints. Not because of anything directly that happened to our boys in the black and gold mind you, but more because of what happened in our division. That’s right, in a surprise to no one but Atlanta Falcons fans, Julio Jones finally got fed up with the franchise who finds the most amazing ways to lose games and demanded a trade. Former Saints assistant General Manager and now Falcons General Manager Terry Fontenot appeased the star wide receiver and pulled the trigger on a trade yesterday sending the All-Pro receiver to the Tennessee Titans in exchange for a 2022 second-round draft pick and a 2023 fourth-round selection.

If you remember at his opening press conference after being named GM, Fontenot spoke highly of the receiver and even claimed he was his son’s favorite receiver in the league, more than Michael Thomas. A huge move like this has many Falcons fans questioning if Terry Fontenot has been sent by the Saints to internally destroy their organization from within but smart fans know that the Saints need little help to do that. But the real question is, was Fontenot lying about his kid loving Julio Jones? Certainly he would have never traded Julio, trade demand or not, if he was his kid’s favorite player. What kind of father would do such a thing? It’s probably more likely Fontenot was just saying this to win over the easily gullible Falcons fans or his kid saw Julio up close and realized Michael Thomas truly is better.

*This article is satirical and in no way meant to be taken at face value. Well, most of it is.

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