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Latavius Murray deserves more recognition

Running back Latavius Murray isn't being talked about enough

Kansas City Chiefs v New Orleans Saints Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Saints running back Latavius Murray is entering the third year of his four-year deal with the team. Since joining the Saints, he has had large shoes to fill. He replaced Saints legendary back Mark Ingram who departed to the Baltimore Ravens. In his time, Ingram was a legend in New Orleans having made the Pro Bowl twice and finishing as the second leading rusher in franchise history. After a miscommunication in contract talks, Ingram ended up in Baltimore and Murray replaced him.

Murray signed a four-year deal in 2019 and has exceeded most expectations. When talking about the Saints offense, few mention Murray who has been very productive. In his first year with the team, he had 637 rushing yards and rushing 5 TDs along with 235 receiving yards and a score. This year, he put up similar numbers with 656 yards and 4 touchdowns on the ground with 176 yards and a score in the air.

When Mark Ingram was Alvin Kamara’s first sidekick, the stats were almost identical as Tay Train’s. In his last year in New Orleans (2018), Ingram had 645 rush yards with 7 total touchdowns. Since Murray has joined the team, he has clearly been a better back than Ingram. In today's game, Murray has the upper edge. Ingram only had 300 yards last year with the Ravens and will be fighting for a roster spot this year with the Texans.

Murray came in as a guy that will average 4.0 yards per carry and run straight downhill. Over his tenure with the team, he's molded into more of a complete back. In 2019, he caught his first ever TD pass in the NFL. In the past year, Murray showcased his ability to make plays on the fly. Whether it was a highlight reel block on Khalil Mack, making himself available for a TD or pounding a 4th and 1, Murray was always reliable. What makes Murray so special is he doesn’t turn over the football. Over his two years with the Saints, he has fumbled only one time.

With a backfield of Alvin Kamara, (himself), Ty Montgomery, Dwanye Washington, among others, his value of touches doesn't reflect his play. Murray deserves more touches and most importantly Latavius Tay Train Murray Deserves More Recognition.

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