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[WATCH] How does Adam Schefter do it?

The quest to find out how the NFL’s Breaking News reporter is always on alert

Adam Schefter recently broke the news that Kwon Alexander visited the New Orleans Saints on July 19 to meet about the possibility of re-signing him.

You can read plenty of articles here on Canal Street Chronicles from our amazing writers on what Kwon Alexander would mean for the Saints in 2021. This article does not do that. If you’ve been privy to me by now, you’ve probably noticed, I tend to always view things in a different prism than most Saints fans.

Most fans saw Schefter’s tweet and went into the pros/cons of possibly bringing back Kwon Alexander to the team. Me? I wondered just how in the heck does Adam Schefter keep doing this.

I mean, come on. This man is always breaking news. Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night. It doesn’t matter, if it’s breaking news in the NFL, Schefter is on it. Does this man have a life? Can he sit long enough to enjoy his favorite TV show? Does he ever have time to have a date night with his wife? Heck, can he even watch the sport he covers, NFL Football, without interruption?

My latest video may have found the answer. It’s a tough job being the greatest NFL breaking news reporter of all time, but someone’s gotta do it.

With all apologies to Ian Rapoport.

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