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[WATCH] Saints Fans reaction to Michael Thomas missing start of season

It’s ok to be not ok.

Hey, look at that. Another week, another breaking news report of the New Orleans Saints that totally doesn’t affect our 2021 season at all. Nope.

Last Friday Saints fans were casually going about their morning, maybe eating a beignet or two, when news dropped of David Onyemata’s suspension. This Friday morning we switched it up and just had donuts instead. Safer bet right? Of course not, we’re Saints fans. News has just broke about Michael Thomas missing the start of the 2021 season as he heals from his ankle injury. The All-Pro wide receiver could miss as much as six weeks.

But it’s ok. We’re fine. We’re down our HOF QB, our All Pro WR, our best DT, possibly our Pro Bowl cornerback, and have lost a ton of depth this offseason, but it’s all good. Hey, next Friday begins training camp. Maybe we’ll lose Alvin, no, don’t dare speak or even think of something so blasphemous.

Either way, it’s ok to let it all out every once in a while Saints fans. We deserve to.

Here’s to Michael Thomas coming back at full strength and getting that ankle 100%. He has a long career ahead of him and needs to make sure his ankle is fully good to go whenever he comes back so we can avoid any more setbacks from here on out. And here’s to Marquez Callaway, Tre’quan Smith, and Adam Trautman using the opportunity to ascend into better players. We hope.

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