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[WATCH] How to prepare for the New Orleans Saints season

It’s training camp...but for Saints fans!

Training camp is here! Training camp is here! The dog days of the offseason are over!

Rookies and veterans for the New Orleans Saints have all officially reported to camp. But have you, New Orleans Saints fan? Yes, you!

You don’t think it’s just the players who have to spend the next few weeks practicing and grinding and sweating and studying to be at their absolute peak for the upcoming season, right? No! Fans do too! And we’re New Orleans Saints fans for god’s sake. We HAVE to be at the top of our game for every season. Quite frankly, this team allows us no other choice.

So mark this week down as not just the week players officially reported to camp but also that fans report to training camp.

Training Camp for New Orleans Saints fans! In this video, you will see all the workouts and practices needed for you, the New Orleans Saints fan, to assure you are at your A game come September 12.

And with no certified #1 receiver currently, no idea who will be the starting QB, and no knowledge of knowing how the team will perform with Drew Brees no longer walking through Airline Drive hallways, this training camp for Saints fans may be your most important ever!

So enjoy this Training Camp for Saints Fans video and then get your butt up off your chair and start training yourself to be ready for the roller coaster ride that is New Orleans Saints fandom!

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