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[WATCH] The Type of Saints fans reactions during the Ravens game

Which Saints fan are you?

Finally, Saints football returned this past weekend as our New Orleans Saints took on the Baltimore Ravens in the 2021 NFL Preseason opening week. Even with Drew Brees being gone, it sure is good to have Saints football back right?

There was certainly a lot to take away from the game between Taysom Hill’s performance, Jameis Winston’s performance, the offensive turnovers, the defense playing great, Ian Book’s debut, the play of the rookies, Zach Baun’s potential, Michael Thomas returning to the team, and so on and so forth.

But what I really took away from the game is how great it is to see Saints fans back in their natural form. You see, there are many a type of Saints fans. And all are always visibly on display during Saints games.

Here at Canal Street Chronicles and the Jono Barnes YouTube channel, you can see all the types of fans in one place!

Don’t be shy, let us know which Saints fans are you? And be honest! Though if you swear you’re not like any of these type of Saints fans, we can bet you know someone who is. So share this video with your fellow type of Saints fans far and wide!

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