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How the new Falcons documentary teaches Saints fans to be grateful

“Ah, the Atlanta Falcons and the New Orleans Saints, the NFL’s Beavis and Butthead.”

New Orleans Saints Fans SetNumber: X25102

The SB Nation website and YouTube channel Secret Base released part 1 of 7 of their new documentary series, The History of the Atlanta Falcons. Now, as you can guess, it is a great watch for Saints fans simply for the fact that we know how it ends; with the infamous 28-3 Super Bowl or, as director Jon Bois would say, 28-9. However, as we ramp up for these pre-season games in a season of uncertainty, it offers us a chance to appreciate what we have now as a fan base. The New Orleans Saints right now have some of the best players in the NFL at their positions, one of the best coaching staffs and arguably the best front office in the entire league.

The documentary takes a look back at the start of the now infamous New Orleans Saints vs Atlanta Falcons rivalry. Resident SB Nation Falcons fan Kofie Yeboah harkens back to when he was a young fan, in his house it was just unacceptable to not hate the Saints. His family would scream a little bit louder against New Orleans. The same sentiment was felt in Louisiana homes about the Falcons.

With both of the teams being not very good and only having each other to beat up on. Saints fans back then couldn’t really get excited about any other game, because most of the time it was an assumed loss. Nowadays, Saints fans don’t even know who the quarterback is and some still have Super Bowl aspirations!

So this upcoming Monday, as you sit down to watch the New Orleans Saints take on Trevor Lawrence’s Jacksonville Jaguars, think back to the days where fans would wear paper bags and only look forward to play Atlanta. Put on a smile and be thankful.

You can watch the first episode of the new documentary here. The Saints get mentioned around the 38 minute mark, but I would highly recommend checking out the full thing.

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