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Reviewing Alvin Kamara’s new cereal

But does it make you play like him?

New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara can do it all and he just proved that by releasing his own cereal! ‘Kamara’s King Crunch’ went on sale August 19th and can be found at select Rouses stores as well as online here.

Purchasing the cereal is not only a cool way to have a collector’s item for life (when was the last time you ever seen a New Orleans Saint with their own cereal?), but a nice way to give back. Proceeds from the cereal sales will go to Children’s Bureau of New Orleans.

Because not everybody has the means, I took it upon myself to review Alvin Kamara’s new cereal. Mid way through the review, my mind wandered as only it could and I wondered: “Does this cereal make you train and play like Kamara?”

I mean, Gatorade said drinking their sports drink could possibly make you “Like Mike”. Maybe this cereal can make me “Play like AK”.

I refuse to believe I’m the only one who wondered this, but I am willing to be the only one who tests out the theory.

So along with the review of Kamara’s King Crunch, I also immediately tested to see if the cereal indeed gives you the special powers of our endearing running back. See the results for yourself.

Along with this, I do want to do something nice for all you great viewers. As mentioned above, many have said that sadly they really do not have the means to get the cereal because they aren’t near a Rouses. So I bought an extra two boxes and want to have a fun giveaway. Two lucky fans will receive a box of Kamara’s King Crunch and all you have to do is subscribe (it’s free) to my YouTube channel and leave a comment in the video above saying you did. And that’s it. You’ll be entered. I will randomly let a computer algorithm pick two contestants names and whoever gets chosen, I will reach out to you and ship you a box free of charge. Hooray!!

Enjoy the video and if you’re in the city, make sure you pick up a box of Kamara’s cereal now!

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