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CSC Interview: Martin Lawrence on departure of Drew Brees, DraftKings ad, and more

Oh my goodness!!!!!

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Martin Lawrence is a world renowned comic, movie star, author, producer and writer. Little known fact is that he is also a former Golden Gloves boxer. These days when he’s not shooting blockbuster movies, he is the current star of DraftKings newest national campaign ad dubbed, “The Feels”.

“The Feels” enters the minds of football fans and sports bettors alike to highlight the many emotions associated with NFL game days by reflecting DraftKings mantra that life’s more fun with a little “skin in the game”. Martin was gracious enough to give us some of his time to discuss the ad, sports betting as a whole, and his feelings on the New Orleans Saints post Drew Brees.

CSC: With legal sports betting getting more and more traction state to state, how do you think viewership by the casual fan will be affected?

ML: The casual fan may become a bit more interested to find out what the hype is all about. If you see ads and you are not a person that places bets, you may be inclined to give it a try.

CSC: The Draft Kings spot is called “The Feels”. What’s one sports moment that has kept you in your feels to this day with your favorite sports team?

ML: My love of sports is very broad. I like a bunch of different sports so I have had many “feels” moments. From exciting or unforgettable plays in football, the final rounds of a championship match in Boxing, someone stealing the bases of a tied game in Baseball, that 3 point shot to determine a game in basketball and more. There have been several feels moments for me like when Mahomes led Kansas City to winning it all against so many vets. Another would be Tom Brady bringing the Championship to Tampa Bay.

CSC: Draft Kings gives you $1 million in betting money for your involvement in this ad. What’s the one sure fire bet you’re placing this NFL season?

ML: Oh wow, good question but hard answer. There are so many teams with great talent and anything could change leading up to the Super Bowl. The one thing I am betting on for sure is to watch every game I can. This way, I can narrow down the Super Bowl pick and then place bets with my friends.

CSC: Could you forgo your acting career and become a professional sports better? How willing would you be to bet on yourself in this regard?

ML: My acting is what I love most about this business so I don’t see that happening however if I did give it up, I know no matter what I did I would always bet on myself.

CSC: What’s one movie or tv show you wish you were able to have a part in, and why?

ML: I would have to say Training Day, opposite Denzel Washington. He is definitely one of the greats, hands down, and the film is one for the books.

CSC: How do you think the New Orleans Saints will do this year now that Drew Brees retired?

ML: I believe they as a team will push even harder to win games. When he was injured last season during the playoffs, the team didn’t give up and worked hard to finish strong. As you know the beauty of the sport is that anything can happen.

The DraftKings ad will be playing all 2021 NFL season and alongside Martin will star Chris Mintz-Plasse, Kristen Schaal, Tim Simmons and Dascha Polanco. We thank Mr. Lawrence again for being so gracious with his time.

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