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Saints to be away from New Orleans through September

As the city needs time to heal, the Saints will look for a new home

NFL: Caesars Superdome Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

New Orleans Saints head coach confirmed to reporters today that the New Orleans Saints will be away from New Orleans through most, if not all, of the month of September. This will allow the city to heal and for the Saints to focus on football. Hurricane Ida has hit New Orleans hard and the city is left without power, and it is likely unsafe for the team and the community to return to New Orleans in the immediate future.

Coach Payton suggested that, if needed, the Week 1 game against the Green Bay Packers could be played at AT&T Stadium, the home of the Dallas Cowboys, where they have been practicing this past week. He also suggested several college stadiums as potential sites for games and/or practices, such as SMU and TCU.

Week 4 could be a possible homecoming on October 3rd against the New York Giants considering the Saints are on the road for Weeks 2 and 3. That means the Saints have the possibility to only miss one game in the Dome, but only time will tell.

This may feel like a flashback to many, but New Orleans has been through this before and the team, under the leadership of Sean Payton, will all get through it again. When the Saints do come marching back in, the city will be in that number, even if it doesn’t happen until the beginning of October.

Our continued thoughts and prayers go out to the great state of Louisiana and the city of New Orleans and more importantly, all that have been and will be affected by Hurricane Ida.

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