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[WATCH] It’s time to move on from Drew Brees and here’s how

A video to help you focus on the future... with help from the past

The 2021 NFL season is a few weeks away and if I must be frank, it’s time for New Orleans Saints fans to move on. Yes, Drew Brees retiring sucked and it hurts and it will be tough to remove ourselves from the greatest Saint of all time, but the past is the past and we must focus on the now and the present.

It’s the Jameis Winston era* now. For 2021 at least. And Who Dat Nation needs to show him all of our undivided support. It’s easy to, if you ask me: he’s funny, charismatic, puts in a ton of work and looks to be working hard to be a leader. If he can pass for over 25 touchdowns and only 10-13 interceptions then shoot, watch out.

But either way, I know moving on can be hard. We all have our processes of moving on. Jumping right in to the next relationship can be tough and take some time. I get it. But time isn’t on our side. Again, the season opener is only a month away. So this week’s video will hopefully provide guidance for those who need help with moving on.

*With apologies to Taysom Hill


Look, not every Saints satire video I do is worthy of an article on this great site. But we all remember Devonta Freeman being one of the most avid trash talking Atlanta Falcons right? We all remember him tweeting “AINTS” after a rare Falcons win over the Saints right? How the turn tables! Freeman signing with us made me wonder how exactly did that go down, and with the help from the great TV show ‘Martin’, I think I may have an idea:

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