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[WATCH] Saints vs Packers Postgame Press Conference (skit)

The stuff they didn’t want you to see

Well...that was fun! The only thing the New Orleans Saints vs Green Bay Packers matchup didn’t have is 65,000+ screaming Saints fans acting a fool in celebration of our team’s dominating performance.

I genuinely did not see that type of performance coming from the Saints but boy was it a welcomed surprise and severely needed for the residents of Louisiana as we had a three hour break from the realities of life to watch our boys in the black and gold make us proud.

As always with my content, I hope I too can give you a quick minute or two to forget about the stresses of life, whether it be as serious as recovering from a hurricane or mundane as worrying about who the Saints #3 cornerback will be in Sunday’s game versus the Carolina Panthers.

With that said...even though you’ve probably watched the postgame press conferences from our players and Packers players from the awesome work of our local media and team’s YouTube channels, I bet you’d be surprised to see that sometimes parts of press conferences end up on the cutting room floor.

Well now exclusively on Canal Street Chronicles and my YouTube channel, you can see the soundbites that the teams didn’t want you to see! Here is some exclusive press conference footage following yesterday’s Saints and Packers game.

Those Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans sure are a weird bunch, eh?

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