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[WATCH] Saints vs Panthers Postgame Press Conference (skit)

Payton was a tad jollier last week

The heck was that?

I mean seriously Saints, if you’re going to play like that versus the Carolina Panthers then maybe don’t do it after getting our hopes up a week before that you could possibly be a serious contender in the NFC?!

Ok, ok, it’s just week 2. Long way to go. But boy, that wasn’t fun. And obviously things were going against us even before the game started: the injuries continue to pile up, eight coaches were out due to COVID protocol, and let’s not forget the team has not actually been home in New Orleans for nearly a month now. We’re used to the Saints somehow always overcoming the most insurmountable odds, but things finally caught up to us Sunday.

If only one fellow Saints fan would have realized this before he got a little too cocky:

Ugh. What can I say...I tend to get overexcited week to week.

Anyways, just like last week, we also have exclusive footage from the New Orleans Saints and Carolina Panthers postgame press conferences. You’re only going to find these soundbites on Canal Street Chronicles folks!

These Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans are starting to get a bit ridiculous now.

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