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CSC’s fantasy league recap: Week 2

Team with the most Falcons drops to 0-2

New Orleans Saints v Carolina Panthers Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Team Ertle-Brenden Ertle: 101.72 (1-1)


This is the Falcons Fault-Hayden Reel: 95.66 (0-2)

My 0-2 start is clearly due to having too many Falcons on the roster, not Saquon Barkley’s health or the fact that Derrick Henry led all scorers this week.

Team Two First Place-Brian Pavek: 89.22 (1-1)


Team Sanders-Dylan Sanders: 73.28 (1-1)

Only one touchdown scored by Team Sanders this week, also the kicker was the second leading scorer.

Bishop Sycamore Centurions-Andrew Bell: 124.0 (2-0)


CeeDeez Lutz-Greg Layfield: 111.92 (1-1)

The Bishop Sycamore fantasy team is already doing much better than the real-life counterpart.

Team Dunnells-Chris Dunnells: 126.62 (1-1)


Instant Kamara-Nic Jennings: 121.6 (0-2)

Instant Kamara falls short despite Aaron Jones’s monster game on Monday night. Could have used a 5th TD.

Green Bay LiveLaughLove-Kevin Skiver: 126.5 (1-1)


You Winston You Lose Some-Ross Jackson: 107.62 (1-1)

Rodgers and Tonyan completed the first Monday night comeback of the season. Just remember Ross, you win some and you lose some.

Mr. Chow-Tina Howell: 148.16 (2-0)


Ask the Cook-Chris Conner: 107.34 (1-1)

14 total rushing yards from the running backs and she still scores 148 points. Thank you Cooper Kupp.

Highest Scoring Team: Mr. Chow-Tina Howell: 148.16 (1)

Lowest Scoring Team: Team Sanders-Dylan Sanders: 73.28 (1)

Largest Margin of Victory: Mr. Chow-Tina Howell: 40.82 points (1)

This Weeks MVP: Derrick Henry, Team Ertle (44.7 points)

This Weeks LVP: Tyreek Hill, Team Sanders (4.4 points)

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