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[WATCH] How did the Superdome catch on fire


This team man. This city. Every day it’s something. Every. Single. Day. You almost have to laugh not to cry.

The Caesars Superdome roof caught on fire on Tuesday, September 21, 2021. Worry not though, there was no major structural damage reported and only one person was injured with minor burns. As soon as everyone found out that the fire was not major (well, as ‘non-major’ as a fire can be), and that the fire would not affect future New Orleans Saints home games, the jokes started to fly. You gotta love New Orleans.

I had a few funny ones if I say so myself:

But I didn’t want to sit around and joke all day. I had to know what caused the fire.

Reports say the fire was believed to be caused by a pressure washer. I’m not buying that. A pressure washer causing a fire? Ha! It’s suppose to make things wet, not catch fire!

I had to get to the to the bottom of it. You guys already know I work hard to bring you loyal CSC readers exclusive press conferences of our team after games. Well call me a modern day Sherlock Holmes because I found exclusive footage of how the Superdome roof caught on fire.

...I... know what?

That’s our coach!

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