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Jekyll and Hyde Saints Bully Patriots in Win

Overreactions to New Orleans Saints Victory at the New England Patriots

New Orleans Saints v New England Patriots
The Saints were back to form in week three’s win at the New England Patriots
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

This series is about overreactions. It is hard to think of a more different article this week than the previous. The New Orleans Saints looked more like a contender as they bullied the Patriots this week. October is sneaking up and the Saints have personified the tale of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde the first three weeks of the NFL season. These are the overreactions to the Saints performance in this week’s win against the New England Patriots.

Dennis Allen Most Underrated Coordinator in the NFL

Sean Payton has been an offensive stalwart in the NFL. In the past couple of years though, Dennis Allen has taken this Saints team and recreated the defense. It could be argued that the past two years, this Saints defense has led this team. The Saints offense only had 252 yards of offense in the entire game. Meanwhile, the Saints defense forced three turnovers from rookie quarterback Mac Jones. They also held the offense to 300 total yards on the game. The credit for the teams first two wins of this season are because of the Saints defense. The new quarterbacks and the superstars on the offensive side of the ball usually get all the accolades. Dennis Allen deserves much more credit around the NFL. Of course, the Saints might be thankful that Allen does not get more attention. This keeps Allen from being on head coach short lists.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at New England Patriots
Marshon Lattimore closed out the Saints defensive domination of the Patriots with an interception
Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

The Saints Defense Could be Best in League

This goes hand and hand with Dennis Allen. This Saints defense, when healthy, is going to be trouble for any team in the league. The Saints offense had 128 passing yards and 142 with the rush. Just knowing those stats, some would think this game was close or a loss. The Saints defense though really dominated this game. The Saints picked off Mac Jones three times and controlled the game using this stout defense. The Patriots were unable to use their tight ends due to the Saints linebackers. Likewise, the Saints linebackers shut down the Patriots running backs most of the game. Patriots running backs were held to just three catches and 21 yards on the ground. This defense made Mac Jones and the Patriots receivers try and win the game. Obviously, that is not how the Patriots want to play. Forcing teams to do what they are not comfortable doing is the sign of a great defense. The New Orleans Saints did that most of the game, showing that they could be one of the best in the league.

Jameis Winston Plays in the Wrong Time Period

The gunslinger used to be a staple of NFL quarterbacks. Jameis Winston just does not fit into today’s mold of NFL quarterback. The media and fans think every quarterback has to look like Payton Manning, Drew Brees or Tom Brady. Jameis Winston will never look like those guys. That is not his nature nor should it be. Winston’s aloofness and ability to improvise does not fit into the perfect box that so many try to fit for quarterbacks. This ability was on display on the circus throw and catch between Winston and Marquez Callaway. With the Saints field goal kicking woes, this outcome could have been zero points no matter what Winston does on that play. Some will criticize Winston for plays like this, but this is what makes him different and potentially special. The criticism will come because Winston is a throwback to quarterbacking years past.

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