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Important quotes after the game include complimenting a defense that knows it’s elite

The Saints defense is playing well and they know it.

NFL: SEP 26 Saints at Patriots Photo by Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Sean Payton

On the importance of winning the turnover battle:

“When you’re 108 and 7 at home when you win the turnover battle, that’s significant. Obviously, that’s a testament to their program. We’re mindful of it every week, but it had to be something that was put in our heads every day. I thought we took care of the football. I thought that was important.”

On how the team has handled being away from home due to Hurricane Ida”

“Look, I thought we’ve handled it well. Shoot, everyone at TCU, Texas Stadium, the hotel we were at, there were a lot of people that were fantastic and very supportive of us. It’s obviously a challenge when you’re not on schedule at home. But I thought we handled that part of it well. I thought we had a good week of preparation leading up to this game. It will be good to get home tonight finally, kind of get back to our facility.”

On what he’s liked the most out of his defense:

“I thought we tackled in space well today, number one. I thought we affected the quarterback. When it became a little bit more one-dimensional, obviously it’s a little bit more difficult to consistently generate the rush. Thought we kept the ball in front of us. Yeah, I’m sure when we watch the tape there will be some things that stand out. But I really thought we tackled well.”

Jameis Winston

On the offense’s mindset heading into the last drive:

“Finish. That was simple. Just finish and get the win.”

On heading back to New Orleans:

“Man, I’m more than excited to be able to prepare to play a team in our home stadium. I think we all excited for that. We’re excited to get out of Dallas, excited to come home, man. We did it for this city. We knew we needed to get a win. We knew everybody was going to going to be coming ready to represent anyway. It would be a better taste in our mouths and in the city for us to come up and get a good win in Foxboro.”

On his definition of “Saints football:”

“Saints football has always been efficiency and physicality up front. Those are the only things I knew, so... That’s all I know. They win up front and they play tough. That’s what we did here. I think the best thing it’s so challenging to win in this league. Any way you do it, you do it to the best of your abilities. Obviously, I know I got to get better at the quarterback position, and I’m continuing to do that. But I’m happy we got this win.”

Malcolm Jenkins

On his pick-six:

“They actually ran the same play I believe a couple of drives earlier, and Demario Davis made a good stop. They were trying to sneak the tight end on the back side and I ended up getting picked actually by my own teammate. So I just rushed up to my coverage and the ball got tipped up in the air and I was able to come down with it.”

On the defense’s potential:

“I think we’re finding out that we are the strength of our team. And we’re going to have to play big in order for our team to have success. That’s just the identity and the formula that seems to be working for us. We’re real stingy on defense, we take the ball away, we give our offense opportunities. Then when we get our special teams contributing as well like they have. We’re going to be hard to beat. We think the heart of our team is going to be is on our defense.”

On the difference between this year’s defense and last year’s:

“I think last year on paper we had the potential to be good. This year we know we’re good. So the thing for us is, how do we consistently put out the best versions of ourselves week-in and week-out? That’s what we’re trying to get to. We know how good we are, from an individual personal standpoint to a unit standpoint. Our challenge is how do we show up with the best versions of ourselves every single week? Because our team is going to need us to do that.”

Alvin Kamara

On his increased touches:

“I’m cool with it. I have always said that whenever the ball comes to me, however it comes to me, I will take advantage of the touches. I think the thing is just making sure they are quality and good looks and I think that when the situation comes for it, they are the right calls. But I am fine, I am good. I am healthy and I am seeing everything well so I feel good about the touches.”

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