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NFL Picks Week 4: At Long Last

Week 3 featured some great games and wild finishes.  What will Week 4 have in store?  Let’s take a look at the matchups.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Saints enter Week 4 with a 2-1 record as they finally return to the Superdome after an excruciatingly long absence. Not since before Ida made landfall in late August have the Saints been home. Not since January 2020 have the Saints played in front of a capacity Superdome crowd. Now, at long last, the time has come. It is the New York Giants who have the unfortunate distinction of the team that will have to endure this homecoming for the Saints. At long last, the fans are back, and the Saints are home.

Now let’s take a look at this and all of the games on the Week 4 NFL schedule.

Last week I went 11-5

I told you so: Saints over Pats!

What do I know: Bucs over Rams?



Thursday, September 30th - Thursday Night Football

Jaguars(0-3) at Bengals(2-1)

The story of this game on the surface is the young, star quarterbacks, but the Bengals defense will be the key to victory. Cincinnati wins 26-23.

Pick: Bengals


Sunday, October 3rd - Early Games

Titans(2-1) at Jets(0-3)

Derrick Henry will wear down the Jets defense in this one. Tennessee wins 23-21.

Pick: Titans


Chiefs(1-2) at Eagles(1-2)

Kansas City rebounds from a tough loss last week with an easy win in this one. Kansas City wins 28-17

Pick: Chiefs


Panthers(3-0) at Cowboys(2-1)

The Carolina defense will be too much for Dallas to handle in this game. Carolina wins 24-16.

Pick: Panthers


Browns(2-1) at Vikings(1-2)

The Cleveland passing game will be too much for the Minnesota defense to handle. Cleveland wins 30-24.

Pick: Browns


Lions(0-3) at Bears(1-2)

Another heartbreaking ending awaits Detroit as Chicago at least gets to double-digit passing yards in this close contest. Chicago wins 29-28.

Pick: Bears


Texans(1-2) at Bills(2-1)

Buffalo will simply outclass Houston in every facet of this one. Buffalo wins 32-21.

Pick: Bills


Colts(0-3) at Dolphins(1-2)

Miami pulls out a close win at home in this one. Miami wins 20-19.

Pick: Dolphins


Washington FT(1-2) at Falcons(1-2)

Atlanta plays surprisingly competent football for all four quarters here. Atlanta wins 29-19.

Pick: Falcons


Giants(0-3) at Saints(2-1)

Let’s keep this short and simple. The Saints are the better team. The best fans in the NFL are back to fill the loudest stadium in the NFL. It cannot be overstated what this game means to the team, the fans, and the city. The Saints will win this game. They will have a fantastic performance at all levels. Jameis Winston will have his breakout performance as a Saint, and we will all witness a homecoming to remember. Saints win 42-16.

Pick: Saints


Sunday, October 3rd- Late Games

Seahawks(1-2) at 49ers(2-1)

San Francisco will move the ball with ease in this one, as the Seattle defense will once again erase all of Russell Wilson’s best efforts. San Francisco wins 32-28.

Pick: 49ers


Cardinals(3-0) at Rams(3-0) - Game of the Week

There will be plenty of fireworks in this showdown of unbeaten NFC West rivals, but it will ultimately be Matthew Stafford that outduels Kyler Murray in the end. Los Angeles wins 38-35.

Pick: Rams


Steelers(1-2) at Packers(2-1)

Aaron Rodgers will leave Big Ben in the dust in this one. Green Bay wins 25-10.

Pick: Packers


Ravens(2-1) at Broncos(3-0)

This will be a defensive slugfest that will come down to Lamar Jackson making a huge play in the end to silence the Denver crowd. Baltimore wins 20-16.

Pick: Ravens


Sunday Night Football

Buccaneers(2-1) at Patriots(1-2)

In the battle of Bill Belichick vs Tom Brady, it will be Belichick who comes up with a great gameplan, but Brady who comes away with the win, thanks to a key interception by the Tampa linebackers to close out the game. Tampa wins 26-24.

Pick: Buccaneers


Monday, October 4th - Monday Night Football

Raiders(3-0) at Chargers(2-1)

Justin Herbert will lead a huge drive in the closing moments to earn an important AFC West victory. Los Angeles wins 29-28.

Pick: Chargers


That’s how I see Week 4 playing out. Leave us your picks, insight, and comments below!