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Important quotes heading into Week 1 include Sean Payton’s vision for Taysom Hill in 2021

Important quotes heading into Week 1

Denver Broncos vs New Orleans Saints Set Number: X163468

Sean Payton

On how he’s seen Jameis Winston improve:

“Yeah, I think it’s good question, because we’re in like our second year, just riding back on the bus, we’re sitting there talking to each other. And you brought up something that was interesting. It was a good question. And I’m glad he asked (me this example question) in week to week, how you win can change. And it was something that he asked me about relative to when we decide on that, and in how do we go about looking at each week in the objectives to win that game, because I think, look, the maturity level, in the presence of a quarterback to just win and win and win, ultimately, that’s how there’ll be measured. And I think, I know I’ve seen growth, and someone who was extremely vested in this process and, and is excited about the start of the season, but I would just be (looking at) overall understanding of how it may change week to week to what you have to do. In other words, it’s not the same every week, and then start the (next) week over if you didn’t win, you don’t know what happened or what cost you (the win)? Or what kept you from winning, but you just start the madness (preparation) all over again. And I think it was a little bit more in depth than that. And so I think that would be one area.”

On Taysom Hill’s role with the 2021 offense:

“Well, I think through your latter statement, because of Taysom and his role, and his flexibility, if you will, we will we look at it, obviously a little differently, but he has so much versatility that it’s hard to say just on gameday, no, he’s going to do these things, and then also be the backup quarterback. I just think that’s, that’s difficult, relative to his week of preparation. And so we like the room, we like the guys that we have in the room, obviously, we have experience (with Jameis Winston and Trevor Siemian), we have some youth, if you will, with Ian (Book).”

On if Taysom Hill’s current weight plays into his role with the team:

“Yeah, look, we’ll be smart each week relative to what we want to do and how we want to utilize them. We feel like he’s one of our better football players. Certainly we’ll be mindful of where his weight is right now. He’s naturally strong eight and he’s someone who’s extremely fast. And so it’s a matter of just each week, what are the things that we feel like he can do to help us win?”

Kwon Alexander

On how he’s feeling:

“Yeah. I feel like I’m ready to get back out there to showcase my talents and get back out there with the team.”

On the linebacker depth of the 2021 Saints:

“We have got some young guns here. We had to keep seven, which is a lot. That is a big thing. We have got some ballers that can come in whenever they are ready. Those (young) guys have been working hard. They’re giving their all and it’s paying off. They’re showing why they’re still on this team. We’ve got some dogs, and they’re going to be ready when their time comes.”

On what he likes about this defense:

“Everyone’s just hungry. Everyone’s going to play, and everyone knows how to play next to each other. We’re just hungry and excited. We’ve got a lot of energy. Everyone brings the energy and that’s what we like. We just can’t wait to get out there. Like I said, this is going to be a big year for us and we can’t wait for y’all to see it.”

On his game status for Week 1:

“Oh yeah. I’m playing this week for sure.”

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