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[WATCH] How the refs treat the Saints

We know they hate us but this is getting ridiculous

It was a long offseason, longer than most, but we’ve made it. We’ve finally made it to the NFL season. The post-Drew Brees era begins this Sunday and after a long two calendar years we finally get to welcome back a packed house in the Superdome to see our boys in the black and gold! Oh wait…the game was moved to Jacksonville because of Hurricane Ida. OH COME ON! How many more setbacks and hurdles do our fans have to endure?!

Speaking of setbacks and hurdles, we are facing the Green Bay Packers at that. Oh man. We already know how the referees feel about the New Orleans Saints. But now we’re facing one of their golden teams?

The referees are likely going to make sure they are on their A game this week to find a way to inexplicably punish us. In fact, they are already getting a head start:

Good to see the refs are in mid-season form already!


As a sports fan, I’m sure you notice how much coverage the Dallas Cowboys receive. Even though they are rarely a perennial contender, you would think they are a dynasty with the media coverage they receive. At this point, we’re probably used to it by now, but throughout the past few months I feel the training camp coverage was getting just a little ridiculous.

Hope everyone is safe and sound after Hurricane Ida and be sure to come here to Canal Street Chronicles every week after every game this season to see new Saints comedy videos. I wonder what will transpire during the game this Sunday that will be spoofed next week. Stay tuned to find out!

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