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What does the Who Dat Nation do now???

Off-season again!!!

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at New Orleans Saints Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

Off-season again!!! Two words that the Who Dat Nation hates to think about much less deal with. The New Orleans Saints season ended on Sunday afternoon with a win against the Atlanta Falcons and a winning record but just missing the playoffs.

Thanks for nothing, Matthew Stafford!!

Having your Sundays free again means more free time and trying to decide what to do besides eating our feelings by indulging in nachos, pizza and/or if you live in Louisiana, king cake.

It’s time to get up and game plan for the off-season...

Catch up on some home projects?

Take a much-needed vacation??

Root for another team??? Just kidding... NEVER!!!

No matter what you decide to do, we have a little time to relax until the NFL Draft on April 28th when the Saints currently have the 18th pick in the 1st round and the Who Dat Nation dreams of what could be, start all over again.

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