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Sean Payton is considering retiring per FOX’s Jay Glazer

Payton has a meeting with Gayle Benson this week.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The rumor mill surrounding Sean Payton’s future with the New Orleans Saints has been on fire the last few days and it looks like we may now have some solid information. Coach Sean Payton is considering retiring per FOX’s Jay Glazer.

Glazer was on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas on Monday afternoon and this is what he had to say about Coach Payton.

“Sean changes his mind like every two seconds, we talk about it a lot, it’s why I haven’t reported anything because he changes his mind like every two minutes, but that’s also why I said two weeks ago on FOX NFL Sunday during the coaching carousel was that there could be a coach or two step away just because these last two years of COVID. It’s taken its toll on people.”

Glazer also said that “Payton keeps going back and forth about his decision”. Payton was on vacation in Cabo the last couple of weeks but is now back in New Orleans.

Saints owner Gayle Benson was asked by a reporter from WDSU on Monday morning, “Any word on what’s going on with Sean Payton?” She replied, “You know Sean, we don’t know. You know, who knows? “We’ll find out soon enough, I guess. I don’t think any of us know. But he’ll let us know soon enough.”

Sean Payton has a meeting scheduled with Mrs. Benson this week so we should all know something sooner than later.

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