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Draft bust Eli Apple, sick of embarrassing himself on the field embarrasses himself on Twitter

The Saints cast off and draft bust can now add spouting nonsense on social media to his long and incredibly mediocre resume

Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

Eli Apple, fresh off being carried to the AFC Championship Game by LSU grads Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase as well as former New Orleans Saints Vonn Bell and Trey Hendrickson, took to Twitter on Sunday to express his opinions on Saints fans and New Orleans as a whole.

Why the son of Annie Apple thought that he, a man best known for being bad at football, needed to tweet this unbridled nonsense is beyond me. Other than the fact that it isn’t true, it was straight up disrespectful to a team and city that gave him a second chance after he crashed and burned in spectacular fashion with the Giants. If he is angry or resentful about being called “garbage”, “burnt toast”, “terrible”, “useless”, “god-awful”, or a “waste of a uniform”, “bust”, “locker room cancer”, or “the worst corner in the NFL”, during his time in New Orleans that is his own fault for being all of those things.

Completely un-edited shot of Eli Apple during his time with the Saints

Apple started his unremarkable NFL career as a draft bust for the Giants. Apple was taken tenth overall, ahead of 28 future Pro Bowlers including two at his position. The second cornerback taken after All-Pro Jalen Ramsey, Apple runs his mouth nearly as much as Ramsey but without even a fraction of the talent to back it up. The Saints would go on to draft Michael Thomas in the second round of the same draft, someone who made Apple look mediocre every time they shared a practice field at Ohio State.

The very next year, the Saints drafted another player who likely made Apple look terrible by proxy in Marshon Lattimore. These two picks vaulted the Saints back to the top of the NFC South while Apple’s substandard play led the Giants to enter a rebuild that they still have not completed.

In only his second season in New York, Apple was disciplined multiple times by the Giants for criticizing the coaching staff for wisely benching him during a Week 5 game against the Chargers. Later that same season he was a healthy scratch for four straight games, quite the accomplishment for a top ten pick in only his second season. Apple was later caught tweeting while on the sidelines during a game and was called a “cancer” by All-Pro safety Landon Collins, who later said Apple shouldn’t be on the team in 2018. Apple would later be suspended for arguing with the coaching staff who again made a wise move by moving him to the scout team.

Apple’s poor play led the Giants to a 3-13 record in 2017 which resulted in New York bringing in Pat Shurmer as their new Head Coach. Shurmer would say that he believed Apple deserved a clean slate but wound-up trading him a few weeks later. The Saints traded for Apple out of necessity rather than desire, as cornerbacks Patrick Robinson and Ken Crawley both sustained injuries early in the season. While in New Orleans, Apple was routinely targeted and picked-on by teams smartly trying to avoid Lattimore’s side of the field. Apple’s substandard play routinely was the subject of Saints fans’ ire, which led to his mother becoming a staple of Saints twitter, at least someone had his back. Apple’s poor play led to the creation of multiple YouTube compilations of him regularly getting burnt.

Having your lowlights make the rounds on YouTube just a few years after being drafted in the top ten is a great way to start your career.

After the Saints realized their mistake in trading for Apple and declined his fifth-year option, he signed a 1-year deal with the Carolina Panthers. Apple could never stay healthy in 2020 and was later released in October after leaving practice with a hamstring injury. Apple later signed his second 1-year contract this time with the Bengals, joining his fourth team in six years in the NFL. The Bengals would wind up winning the AFC North in spite of Apple, due to the emergence of Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase being one of the top WR-QB duos in the NFL, and a defense bolstered by former Saint Trey Hendrickson and All-Pro safety Jessie Bates III.

This team success led Apple to, for some reason compare himself Richard Sherman after Sherman clinched a Super Bowl berth while being part of one of the best secondaries in NFL history. I wonder if Apple realizes being the #2 corner on a team ranked 26th against the pass isn’t quite the same.

This tweet led to multiple users pointing out that Apple barely contributed anything to the Bengals win over the Titans.

Apple then made the grave mistake of going after the Saints fanbase and the city of New Orleans. First off, Apple’s belief that New Orleans has “the worst food ever” just proves that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about and has terrible judgment, as New Orleans is regularly considered the city with the best food in the country. In fact, here are 5 different articles that list New Orleans as a top 4 food city in the USA:

It isn’t surprising that Apple hates the Saints fanbase as he was never good enough to earn the praise of the city of New Orleans, but if he wants to blame anyone for the criticism he received in New Orleans or New York he needs to buy a mirror. The fact that Apple feels the need to go after fans of the team that saved his dying career, the day he got carried to the AFC title game by two former LSU players is actually pretty funny and so were the responses to Apple’s tweets. Let’s look at some now:

In his defense, I doubt Apple is that fazed by being roasted on Twitter, as he gets roasted on the football field every week and must be used to thousands of people laughing at him by now. The Bengals are due to play in the Superdome next year and if Apple doesn’t get cut first, he is sure to have quite the reception waiting for him in his return to NOLA.

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