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Did Taysom Hill create a quarterback controversy?

Should Taysom get more snaps at quarterback?

Seattle Seahawks v New Orleans Saints Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

After Andy Dalton brought the New Orleans Saints within a missed field goal of tying the Minnesota Vikings in London, the majority of Saints fans believed Dalton did enough to earn the starting job against the Seattle Seahawks in the following week.

Interestingly, more Saints fans believed Taysom Hill should have started at quarterback over Jameis Winston last week, and considering Taysom’s monster game against the Seahawks, maybe they were on to something.

So now let’s ask the question again: Who should the Saints start at quarterback this week against the Cincinnati Bengals? Should Andy Dalton start now that we’ve seen an ability to engage the tight ends and running backs in the passing attack? Should Jameis Winston start - assuming he’s close to being 100% healthy - since his upside his MVP-caliber production? Or should the Saints roll with Taysom Hill after seeing what he can do to opposing defenses last week?

Vote in the poll. Explain in the comments. Send me presents.

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