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Taysom Hill bringing confidence back to team heading into Bengals game

And considering the Saints are without their top receivers, they need Taysom to be electric once again.

Seattle Seahawks v New Orleans Saints Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

The New Orleans Saints are finally back in the win column and look to keep that momentum going heading into a difficult matchup today with the Cincinnati Bengals.

With Jameis Winston still nursing multiple injuries, it should come as little surprise that the majority of Saints fans polled think Andy Dalton should be given the start over Jameis Winston, but that majority is decreasing (down from 74% last week). That’s not because more Saints fans are clamoring for Jameis Winston (with that percentage staying constant at 12%). Instead, more and more Saints fans actually want Taysom Hill to become the New Orleans Saints starting quarterback (up from 14% last week).

This could be because Taysom Hill was the entirety of the Saints offense last week against the Seattle Seahawks. With the Saints finding a way to get the “W,” mostly behind the legs of Taysom Hill, confidence in the team is slowing growing.

We’ll see if that trend continues based on how the team plays against the Bengals later today without any of their top three starting receivers.

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