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All eyes on Dennis Allen as the Saints continue to struggle

Patience is a virtue, but not in the NFL.

Syndication: Arizona Republic Rob Schumacher / USA TODAY NETWORK

The New Orleans Saints are struggling, and fans are growing impatient.

It’s one thing to lose games because of injuries. It’s another thing to lose games to better, more talented teams. It’s another thing all together to lose winnable games due to repeated incidents of self-inflicted errors. While the Saints continue to commit turnovers and costly penalties, all eyes are starting to turn now to head coach Dennis Allen and the Saints front office.

Now, only seven games into the season and a 5-2 record, half of Saints fans polled think the team should also consider moving on from Dennis Allen as a head coach.

Confidence in Dennis Allen appears to teetering on the edge almost as much as Saints fans’ confidence in the team as a whole. After a disappointing loss to the Arizona Cardinals on Thursday Night Football, now the overwhelming majority of Saints fans have are no longer confident in the overall direction of the franchise.

Hopefully the outlook for Dennis Allen, and the New Orleans Saints as a whole, begins to turn around next week. If the Saints play poorly again - regardless of whether they ultimately win or lose - the seat under Dennis Allen could start to get warm.

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