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Saints LB Demario Davis delivers a strong message about the team

“The sun is going to come back out.”

Seattle Seahawks v New Orleans Saints Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

When New Orleans Saints LB Demario Davis addressed the media on Monday, he had a strong message that he wanted to deliver about the current state of the team.

Davis said, “It’s no secret we’re not where we want to be right now. At this point of the season, this wasn’t where any of us expected to be. And a lot of that is due to us not playing at the standard that we have. It’s adversity because of that. It’s adversity because it’s unexpected, and it’s unexpected because our standard for excellence is so high. Adversity creates opportunity. Though none of us wants to be in this situation, there’s only one mind-set that’s going to change it, and that’s taking advantage of every opportunity. And the reason why that’s exciting is because all that’s happened, we’re still only one game out in our division. It’s also exciting because we understand what’s going on. We understand that we’ve been our own worst enemy.”

Davis added, “Being at 2-5, you’re gonna have stuff happen to you that you did not expect matter of fact, you expected the exact opposite. What are you going to do when that moment happens? And you have to do your soul searching before that moment happens. Because if you’re not prepared when the rain comes, it’s too late. And there’s certain people that are built for moments like this and there are certain people that get excited for moments like this. Cause when it’s dark outside, somebody has to be the hope to remind people that the sun is going to come back out.”

The team was given a few days off by Head Coach Dennis Allen “to rest and re-charge” after their loss last Thursday night against the Arizona Cardinals. With the NFC South wide open for the taking, let's hope that those few days off will re-ignite the swagger and fire in the Saints to get back on track for a winning season.

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