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Saints RB Mark Ingram suffers MCL sprain, likely out 3-4 weeks

Fortunately, it’s a grade 2 sprain.

New Orleans Saints backup RB Mark Ingram suffered a grade 2 MCL sprain early in Sunday’s shutout win against the Raiders. Ingram will be out approximately a month.

This could mean a few things for the time-being - Expect Kamara’s usage rate to go up a good bit, and rightfully so. Kamara has been on a tear for the past month and looks to be hitting another gear at the right time. Ingram’s injury could also mean more utilization from both Dwayne Washington and Taysom Hill. So expect AK to get a noticeable amount of more touches, more snaps from Washington or a bit of both.

New Orleans could also find a guy off waivers, or simply elevate Jordan Howard from the practice squad. Howard is an ideal fit for the team as a short yardage back. So in terms of ball-carriers, New Orleans still has the depth especially with Taysom being as efficient as he’s been lately.

Michael Thomas and Jarvis Landry are expected back in the near future to take some pressure off of the running game and to get a couple defenders out of the box. So, New Orleans shouldn’t miss a step in Ingram’s absence.

More AK, more Taysom, Washington and possibly Howard are always good insurance options. Guys like Cam Akers and Kareem Hunt are also in the market, although that may be the more unlikely scenario as the trade deadline is on Tuesday. We’re wishing Ingram a speedy recovery.

Saints host the Ravens on MNF, on 11/7.

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