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Important quotes after the Saints loss to the Vikings focus on the team close to righting the ship

Could they be close to turning things around?

Minnesota Vikings v New Orleans Saints Photo by Justin Setterfield/Getty Images

Head Coach Dennis Allen

On the loss, generally:

Frustrating way to end that game. We had our chances. Thought our guys battled back after the second half. Thought we made too many mistakes in the first half, which put us behind.

But I thought our guys battled and competed. We still have to find a way to not hurt ourselves with penalties and the turnovers, and that’s got to change. So we’ve got to figure that out.

On the team’s turnovers:

Well, look, I think we have to make a point of emphasis about it. I think we also have to look at who is doing what and where. I wasn’t a fan of some of the calls but it hurt us in the game.


We have to look at who is handling the ball. The problems been a little bit, it’s been a multitude of players. And so we are going to have to continue to evaluate that. We are going to have to put in some more turnover drills and things of that nature and try to emphasize the point that we have to protect the football.

On the conversation to go for the game-tying field goal:

Well, in that situation we were in the position where we felt like we could make it. I think the field goal before was probably a little bit more discussion, and look, I give credit to Riz, he felt really good about, Wil (Lutz) knocking that thing through. So we kicked the field goal, and Wil hit a beauty and knocked it through.

On the Saints 1-3 record:

I think we have a good group of guys in that locker room. We have got some good veteran leadership. We’ll bounce back from this.

We certainly need to play better. And we need to turn some things around. It’s a long season and there’s a lot of season left. We are going to keep battling and we’re going to keep fight fighting.

On whether Alvin Kamara suffered a setback:

No, it wasn’t a setback.

I think as you evaluate throughout the week, I think there was a little bit more pain, discomfort, really even last week. Again, this is a long season, so you don’t want to go through this cyclical thing where each week it’s an issue and so I think we felt like resting him this week, hopefully to be able to have him back for next week. Gives him the best chance to be healthy throughout the year.

On how close Jameis Winston was to playing this game:

Later in the week, I thought he began to feel a little bit better. But I think there was a point in time where we felt like we have to get Andy ready and have him ready to go.

Quarterback Andy Dalton

On how it felt to be playing:

Felt good. Felt like I operated the offense really well. Felt like we played well. Felt like at the end of the day, the two turnovers decided the factor in this game. And it’s tough, because you go back and you look at this game, and feel like you played really well and you can go back and look at it and say, man, if I could just have one play back.

But that’s kind of the story of this thing. It’s tough. But I thought we definitely did some good things out there.

On his fumble:

Just got hit and it came out. Felt like I had it tucked away but it came out.

On Chris Olave:

I thought he played great. He gave us a chance to win at the end and Chris is so talented, we expect big things from him.

On whether he feels the team is close to turning things around:

We are. I think — I mean, we haven’t been out of any game that we’ve played. It’s come down to one or two plays and we’ve got to find a way to make those plays that allow us to win and not make the plays that hurt us.

Looking at it today, I said it from the beginning, the two turnovers, six points, that completely changes the way the flow of this game goes, and you know, it starts with me.

Running Back Latavius Murray

On how it felt to be playing:

Honestly just a blessing, honestly, just two weeks ago, sitting at home, uncertain about my NFL year career and so it just was a blessing to be out there honestly. Had a lot of fun and you know, just wish we could have finished it off with a win.

On the team’s confidence in Wil Lutz:

Very confident. I mean, he obviously was able to put the one in right before that.

So I think, you know, I was on the other side of one of those last year with Tug hitting the uprights and it bouncing in. This time, you know, it didn’t bounce in. So we’ve got all the confidence in the world in him.

On the play of Andy Dalton:

I thought he played good. I thought he played with poise. He’s done it for a long time as well. You know, we believe in him. We know what he’s capable of, and I thought he played well.

Safety Tyrann Mathieu

On what he saw for his interception:

Just reading the quarterback. You know, just got a good jump on it. And then just try to make a play.

I didn’t think I played well that first series. And so you know, to come back and make that play for the team, you know, I think that’s what it’s all about. In the moment, felt like it meant a lot. Right now it means very little.

On the hands-to-the-face penalty:

I don’t think I touched him in his face. Yeah, I don’t think I touched him. I know I didn’t.

But, you know, the call was made. You’ve got to live with it. Even after that, I thought we continued to fight. You know, so I’ll line up with this defense any day.

On Justin Jefferson:

To be honest, man, like I said earlier in the week, he’s a great player. Especially in this league, you know, you can’t really touch him, you just kind of let him run free sometimes.

But there’s only a couple guys in the whole world that can cover them, and I think Marshon is one of them. I thought he battled hard all day. He fought all day long and so you know, if we were able to see these guys again, like it will be the same matchup. It will be 23 across from 18. So, you know, I’ll choose my guy every time.

On the team trying to right the ship:

Yeah, you know, I think with every loss, you know, I think the sense of urgency has to increase. You know, especially in practice, preparation. You know, once you get to the game, it’s usually time to have fun. You have studied the opponent all week. You know what to expect.

But I think during the course of the week, it takes what it takes. You have to get your body, mind, even your spirit, right, like all these things have to be in a certain place for you to be able to go out there on Sunday, any game day, and really like give your best for your team.

So you know, listen, I thought we fought hard in every game that we’ve played in, and you know, sometimes the ball doesn’t bounce your way. Sometimes the calls don’t go your way, but the beautiful thing about this league is, you know, as long as you got another week to play, you should have at least somewhat of a smile on your face because you just have that extra chance.

Now, when you run out of chances to play, that’s when you really should be concerned. But it’s still early in the year. Like I said, every game comes down to a couple plays and I think that’s a good perspective to have. Obviously you want to be able to make the most of it, you know, when you get that opportunity.