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Important quotes after Saints win over Raiders include high praise for Alvin Kamara

AK continues to grow on and off the field.

Las Vegas Raiders v New Orleans Saints Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Head Coach Dennis Allen

On the win, generally:

“I think any time you get to get a shutout in a game I think that is huge. They are hard to come by in our league and you know the defense was challenged this week in terms of stepping up and playing the way we are capable of playing. I think they came out and played with energy, passion and I thought they played with a swagger, which was good to see.”

On the challenge the defense faced this week:

“Look I think it was just more our guys just understanding that we are perfectly capable of playing the type of football we played today, and we had not done that up until this point, so it really is just about our guys maximizing their potential and I thought they answered the bell today.”

On Alvin Kamara:

“Well I think he is really important. I think that leadership has grown this season. I think he understand that when you really look offensively in some of the younger skilled guys, we have I just think that veteran leadership presence is important, and it is important to have that in your best players. So, I thought that was good to see him step up this week and you know what he did not just step up in his words but did in his actions and I think that is what a real leader does.”

On whether Andy Dalton showed enough to justify sticking with him:

“Yeah, I felt like he did. I thought he did the things we needed to do. There were some potential opportunities’ where we could get the ball down the field. I think we had a big ball (possible opportunity) down the field. But then when it was not there, he was willing to take the check down. I thought he utilized Alvin in the passing game really well. Look I just think right now with what he is doing I think our offense is in rhythm, I think our play calls (are) in a rhythm, our offense is in a rhythm, and we are able to run the football which is getting us into a lot more manageable third downs and we are converting more third downs and keeping the other offense off the field.”

On the competitive play of Alontae Taylor:

“I think that is what our unit’s been. I think that unit back there always play with a swagger, they have always been competitive, they have always gotten up for a challenge.”

On Payton Turner:

“Look there is a reason why we drafted him in the first round and he is a capable player we have to get him out on the field and keep him healthy and that is us and him and all of us because he is capable of doing it and now it is just a young guy being able to be consistent and doing it game in and game out.”

On the offensive line:

“They’ve been playing great. To come out of a game to not only not get sacked but not really get hit at all either. That’s testament to what they’re doing and what we were able to do in the run game today as well. I think that’s so important. Those guys have found a groove and those guys mesh well. Those guys have been playing great.”

DB Tyrann Mathieu

On Alvin Kamara:

“Obviously, he has always been that kind of player. Even throughout camp, you are having to deal with him every day in practice. I think that is really what we expect from him. I think personally you kind of saw it coming. You saw the passion coming out in him after the Arizona game. He was itching to get back on the field today.”

On the defense not giving up a big play:

“That’s what we are capable of. Obviously, we are missing a few pieces. I think when we play loose and our kind of style and not pressing, then that’s mostly what we are capable of. I think it is just one game, but it was a good one for us.”

On his interception:

“I was just trying to get to the ball. I think tips and overthrows are a big part of the game. I’m kind of pissed of about the one that I dropped. I can’t get that one out of my head. It’s cool to make a play for the team at any time.

RB Alvin Kamara

On how much the team needed the win:

“I feel like we need to win every week. Our defense played lights out. That’s how are defense plays. That’s how they are supposed to play. That’s what we expect. Our offense went out there and did what they are supposed to do. That’s what we expect every week. If it doesn’t happen, then I am pissed. I’m sure the coaches are pissed. It’s holding everyone accountable. It’s like ethics. It’s everyone being accountable to themselves and their teammate. We bring a certain amount of accountability and policing each other, passing woes and then looking for that breakthrough performance, then it’s justifying and doing the things that you need to do.”

OL Cesar Ruiz

On Alvin Kamara:

“We all know that when 41 touches the ball magic happens, we all know that. It’s definitely great to see him go out there and do what everybody knows he can do. Everybody knows what he does. For him to go out there and do that is great, make people miss in open space, it’s great.”

On what the win does for this team:

“This is like, look at this game and keep building off it. This is how it’s supposed to gel. This is what we do, how we play football, that swagger, keep doing that, keep building off it and do it every week.”