Having a football rushing offense that is both effective and efficient is essential for a successful offense. A quarterback that is running the ball well will be able to move the ball down the field quickly and easily. When a quarterback is not running the ball well, the offense is in trouble. In order to have a successful rushing offense, it is important to have a quarterback who is skilled at recognizing the play and making accurate decisions.

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Michigan State

Throughout the history of Michigan and Michigan State football, the running game has been a key component. In fact, a team that runs for more yards wins the game more often than not.

For instance, in the 69-year history of the rivalry, 46 of the 52 games have been won by the team that runs for more yards. In fact, the team with the most rushing yards has won 13 of 18 games since 2003.

The Paul Bunyan Trophy is awarded to the team with the most rushing yards in a game. This is not to be confused with the Paul Morse Award, which is given to the team with the most rushing touchdowns.

The Michigan State football rushing offense has ranked near the top of the statistical charts after two weeks of play. The Spartans have averaged 253.3 yards on the ground, which is fifth in the country. They have also rushed for more than 100 yards in five of their six games.

Boston College

Despite a strong start to the season, Boston College's football rushing offense is ranked near the bottom of the conference. It's also among the worst in the country, with an average of 61.4 yards per game.

The Eagles aren't much better on the pass. The BC quarterback has completed 59.5 percent of his passes, a number that doesn't exactly inspire confidence. Meanwhile, the BC defense has allowed an average of 360 yards per game.

BC's offense has shown some promise against Virginia Tech, but the Hokies did enough to put the Eagles in a hole. It was the first time this season that BC lost a game to a team with a winning record. However, the Eagles still rushed for a total of 159 yards.

Notre Dame

Despite a disappointing loss to Stanford, Notre Dame has shown that it is still a strong rushing offense. The Irish are averaging over 200 yards per game. In fact, they have now run 117 times for 662 yards.

The Notre Dame football rushing offense has come a long way this year. The Irish have run for at least 200 yards in five of their last seven games. In addition, the team has held three of its last four opponents to under 100 yards of rushing.

Notre Dame's rushing defense has stepped up dramatically this season. The team allowed Clemson to run for 90 yards in a 35-14 victory in November. In addition, the Irish defense had four quarterback hurries and seven tackles for loss.

Florida Atlantic

UTEP's defense has improved with each passing game and they have developed a strong run game with Ronald Awatt and Deion Hankins. In fact, they have run for 431 yards and 96 carries this season. But it is not a rushing attack that should be confused with Florida Atlantic's. They are run-heavy teams that score a lot of points.

It will be up to Purdue's defense to stop the Owls' rushing attack and force the offense to go to the air. The Boilermakers have yet to face a program like Florida Atlantic, and it will be a big test for them.

The Owls' defensive line has three sacks, two tackles for loss and two interceptions. But the Owls' offense is not as strong as they'd like it to be. It is important for them to get their running game going. It will also help prepare the whole offense for Big Ten defenses.

Michigan vs Georgia

Considering that Georgia has one of the best defensive fronts in the country, there's no reason to believe Michigan will score a lot of points. The Bulldogs are averaging 195 rushing yards per game.

Georgia has eight players in the top 200 of all FBS in rush grading. And while they don't run the most efficient offense in the country, they're no slouch when it comes to scoring.

Georgia is led by a slew of NFL talent. Their front seven is ranked second in the Football Bowl Subdivision. They have allowed just three rushing touchdowns all season.

They're also second in yards allowed per carry. Considering that Georgia is averaging 194.9 yards per game, they are capable of controlling the tempo of the game.

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