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Important quotes after the Saints loss to the Ravens include questions about quarterback snaps

Should we have seen more Taysom Hill?

Baltimore Ravens v New Orleans Saints Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Head coach Dennis Allen

On the loss, generally:

“Obviously, a very disappointing loss. You have to give those guys credit. They came in and had a good gameplan against us. They made it difficult for us, really in all phases. That is a good team that we played and they were the better team tonight.”

On if he considered making a change at quarterback:

“No, I didn’t. There’s a lot that wasn’t good offensively tonight. There was a lot more to it than (the quarterback).”

On the lack of Taysom Hill’s usage in short yardage situations:

“No, look, just like everything else, you have a gameplan. You have some plays that you like and certainly when they don’t work, everyone’s going to wonder why you did what you did. Look, they beat us tonight. They beat us in a lot of different areas.”

On the lack of success in the run game:

“Yeah, it makes it more challenging. Any time you get into a position where you can’t run the football and you’ve got to just go throw it, it makes it challenging. Having the ability to keep the defense off balance is an important part of what we do.”

On whether Andy Dalton’s role as a starter is in jeopardy:

“No. I think over the last five weeks, (he) has been pretty good in moving the football effectively. This wasn’t a good game tonight. So, we’ll evaluate as we move forward, but I’m looking at this as a bad day at the office offensively. We’ve got to improve from it.”

QB Andy Dalton

On the offense’s struggles:

“At the end of the day, we got beat today. They deserved to win this one. They had a good plan going in. For us, we’ve got to find ways to hold up in protection; got to find ways to get the ball out of my hands. Guys have to be open on time.”

On the run game’s struggles affecting the passing game:

“When you’ve got a team like this that has the different pressure packages that they’ve got, when you get into these third and long situations, you kind of pin your ears back and rush the passer and different things. So, we made it hard on ourselves because we weren’t able to run the ball.”

On if the Ravens showed something different in the game from what he expected:

“At the end of the day, they (Ravens) did a good job with their plan. I think, for us, we need to find more plays to make more plays than what we did tonight. We’ve just got to be good on offense.”

On the deflected passes:

“I’ve played Baltimore a lot. And, it’s always been part of their thing. If they are not getting to the quarterback, they get their hands up. There are some big guys in their front that have long arms. It’s unfortunate that that happened.”