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Five questions before Week 16

Biggest questions before facing the Browns.

Cleveland Browns v New Orleans Saints Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

The New Orleans Saints are coming off a sweep of the Atlanta Falcons but they have nothing to be proud of. A win that should've been by 10+ points, resulted in a 3-point win that had many mistakes. Regardless, the win kept them alive in the NFC South and they will need a ton of help to win the division but mathematically they are not yet eliminated.

Is the Saints playoffs hopes over?

Somehow, some way the Saints still have a 2% of making the playoffs. In one of the weakest competitions for the NFC South we have seen in years, it is very unlikely that this one goes to the Bucs or even the Panthers.

What's going on with Alvin Kamara?

He has 3 TDs on the year, and they all came in the same game. His usage this whole season has been wrong, there has been no screen plays, to many inside runs and little to no outside runs with him. He might be having one of worst seasons as a Saint but it's not entirely his fault. If the Saints want a chance to win next week, give AK the ball in space.

Saints struggled with run defense last week, can they stop Nick Chubb?

Tyler Allgeier killed the Saints last week, but scheme could be to blame for that. The Saints thought in certain packages they were passing plays and added another DB onto the field but in fact it was a run play. The Saints got gashed on many 3rd down runs and many other situations as well. The Saints have been a proud and confident run stopping defense for 3+ years now but they will have their hands full this week.

How will the Saints look in a very cold environment in Cleveland?

There needs to be a very high dose of Alvin Kamara and Taysom Hill in this game. Whoever wins the line of scrimmage this week will win the game. Especially in a cold and windy game, the run game will be so important. The defense needs to be better in the run game and the Sants D-Line needs to get some pressure on Deshaun Watson.

Sean Payton back to New Orleans?

The rumors are starting and the one this week is Sean Payton could return to the Saints. This is a long shot. The report that started this conversation could’ve been sent out for a few reasons, negations with another team for Sean or the Saints trying to up the price, in each situation it helps the Saints. And if Sean is actually considering returning to the Saints that would be the best outcome. Just don't get your hopes up...

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