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My Christmas present to Pete Carmichael and Dennis Allen

Here are seven free-of-charge plays to add to our playbook.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

I think sometimes football fans can get a bit too big for their britches. We sit on our couches with a cold beer screaming at the television to run this play or substitute a player. I’m certainly not immune to this, either.

On the other hand, I think it is the offensive coordinator's responsibility for a struggling team to be creative - to think outside of the box when things aren’t working. That does not mean you have to be a play-calling genius or reinvent the wheel so to speak. You just have to, well, try to find something that might work.

It appears that Pete Carmichael and Dennis Allen do not have this ability. And maybe I’m being too harsh. Maybe they just don’t know of any other plays than the ten to twelve that they run over and over again.

So, as my Christmas present to them, here are seven plays that could work, and have worked in the past. Offensive creativity is a must against a very talented Eagles defense next week, so I hope this helps!

  1. Jet Sweep

Before you say anything, yes - you can run with a player other than the quarterback and running back in the NFL! And it just so happens that you have one of the fastest wide receivers in the NFL to run this with named Rashid Shaheed.

2. Halfback Toss

Alvin Kamara works best when he has space on the outside. A great way to do this is with a toss; fortunately for you, we have three tight ends capable of delivering solid outside blocks.

3. Halfback Screen

Just one season ago, Kamara was the best receiving running back in the NFL. You can still do this too! That wasn’t just a Sean thing! You did this against Seattle multiple times, and it worked great. I suggest trying it again.

4. Quarterback Sneak

This only works if you are really close to the first down. Just wanted to throw this out there if you ever needed just a few inches and you have the inspiration to use one of the league’s best running quarterbacks.

5. Flea Flicker

I know this is a bit on the crazy side, but if you need to catch the defense off-guard, you have two really talented receivers for next week’s game against Philadelphia who could turn this into a huge play.

6. Triple Option

Actually, I don’t think typing this out is going to explain it well enough. Just tell Taysom, Kamara, and Shaheed that you are running a triple option and they will know what to do.

7. Wide Receiver Reverse

Here is one that won’t work every time, but it is worth a shot when you are 6-9. Again, you have some really talented runners. Trust their abilities!

All in all guys, you really do have some very talented people on your offense. And I know it can be complicated when everyone is getting injured, but you still have some huge weapons that are healthy and able to contribute.

Have faith, Who Dat, and Merry Christmas!

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