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Mark Ingram suffers a slight MCL tear, per report

Mark Ingram’s season probably over and career with Saints as well.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

After a brutal finish to Monday night football, we learned that RB Mark Ingram suffered a slight tear of his MCL that won't require surgery. The timetable to return is 4-6 weeks, but with only four games remaining this means his season with the New Orleans Saints is most likely over. His contract expires this offseason and with the future of the position in question, there is a chance we saw the last of Mark Ingram in a Saints uniform.

If this was the last time Mark Ingram suits up for the Saints, that would mean the last carry for Ingram would be stepping out of bounds a yard before the first down marker. He went down in pain after the play and didn't go back in. Ingram was down in a lot of pain earlier in the game and was taken into the blue medical tent. This would bring up the question of if Ingram was healthy enough to go back into the game. Did the medical staff whiff again and put a player with an injury or with a high chance to get injured back into the game?

There will be many questions from this play, game and the season, but there is no question that Mark Ingram is one of the best Saints running backs of all time. Seeing Ingram go down with another knee injury, this late in his career is a very sad situation.

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