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[WATCH] It’s the offseason for NFC South teams

Welcome to the NFC South House

Anybody ready for the Super Bowl?

What a matchup it will be as Joe Burrow and the CINCINNATI BENGALS(!!!) will travel to Los Angeles to face the Los Angeles Rams and their “home field advantage”.

Meanwhile, here in the NFC South, things are going quite smooth. Let’s see:

-Sean Payton stepped down as head coach

-Tom Brady retired. Then un-retired. But probably will retire

-Carolina hired their third offensive coordinator

-The Falcons fans are delusional now and think they are the favorites in the division

Yeah, wow. Geez, all of this already and the NFL offseason hasn’t even started yet! It’s going to be quite the offseason in the NFC South, thus, the New Orleans Saints, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Carolina Panthers, and Atlanta Falcons gathered at the NFC South House to discuss the craziness that is to come for all four teams.

Sean Payton really wanted to leave this division???


Speaking of Sean Payton, hey, look guys, I did my part to try to convince him to stay.

It obviously didn’t work out (heck, I’m suddenly blocked on Twitter by him now-it was just a joke coach!!!!), but there’s one last thing I had to get off my chest to him before he departs us:

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